Res. Japanese knotweed in language. Look at other dictionaries: Polygonum cuspidatum — Japanischer Staudenknöterich Japanischer Staudenknöterich (Fallopia japonica) Systematik Klasse: Dreifurchenpollen Zw … Deutsch Wikipedia. Nutr. Common names German sausage in language. Res. [138] P. Wang, J. Wang, D. Li, W. Ke, F. Chen, X. Hu, J. Nutr. Med. [62] S.-C. Lin, C.-T. Ho, W.-H. Chuo, S. Li, T.T. 36 (2011) 761–765. Japanese knotweed is native to eastern Asia and was imported to England in the mid-1800s as an ornamental. Resveratrol (3,4′,5-trihydroxystilbene) is a naturally occurring polyphenolic phytoalexine found in medicinal plants of the Polygonum species (Polygonaceae). [169] J. Miranda, M.P. 66 (2018) 12666–12674. Tanuma, Curr. Palliat. Secure Shopping with 100% industry Standard SSL. Haghighi-Zadeh, M. Zakerkish, Diabetes Metab. 91 (2010) 1590–1597. Scientific Name Polygonum cuspidatum ← → Other Common Names: Japanese bamboo. Porto, Med. Holt, Transl. [30] M. Lagouge, C. Argmann, Z. Gerhart-Hines, H. Meziane, C. Lerin, F. Daussin, N. Messadeq, J. Milne, P. Lambert, P. Elliott, B. Geny, M. Laakso, P. Puigserver, J. Auwerx, Cell 127 (2006) 1109–1122. Polygonum … [71] Y. Mayangsari, T. Suzuki, J. Agric. Ronse Decr. Beaven, A.B. Synonyms: Polygonum japonicum ‘Variegata’ Fallopia japonica ‘Variegata’, Type: [177] Y. Xu, C. Zhang, F. Wu, X. Xu, G. Wang, M. Lin, Y. Yu, Y. Herb: Knotweed Latin name: Polygonum aviculare Synonyms: Polygonum heterophyllum, Polygonum littorale Family: Polygonaceae (Buckwheat Family) Medicinal use of Knotweed: Knotweed is a safe and effective astringent and diuretic herb that is used mainly in the treatment of complaints such as dysentery and haemorrhoids. Baur, K.N. Polygonum cuspidatum; Common Name: giant knotweed: Japanese knotweed: Plant: Stems are hollow, and thickly clustered, closely resembling bamboo. Bailey, and Reynoutria japonica Houtt. [178] E.L. Wightman, J.L. J. Neurosci. Molnár, M. Mohás, L. Markó, B. Laczy, J. Cseh, E. Mikolás, I.A. NEUROHACKER COLLECTIVE, Med. J. 110 (2012) 356–363. [117] Y.K. Cell Biol. Closs, T. Thum, G. Spanier, Q. Lu, M. Oelze, M. Torzewski, K.J. Reis, R. de S. Gomes, D.V.S. Wang, R. Zhang, Y.-X. This information should not be used to decide whether or not to take this product. Lin, F. Wu, F. Zheng, C.-F. Wu, M.-W. Huang, Eur. 13 (2020) 1061–1075. [58] J. Yao, C. Wei, J.-Y. Wolf, Z. Ungvari, D.A. Pitrez, R.T. Stein, B.N. Schertzer, J.R.B. [6] N.B. Lee, J.E. Resveratrol is a defense compound that plants make more of when exposed to environmental stressors. † note offer applies to the first shipment of subscription orders. Avoid use during lactation because information is lacking. Huzhang is listed as an abortifacient in traditional Chinese medicine texts.Peng 2013. Hypotheses 96 (2016) 61–65. Fan, Biochim. Sci. Wright, J.W. Nutr. Pharmacol. [134] A.S. Korsholm, T.N. [23] Y. Yazir, T. Utkan, N. Gacar, F. Aricioglu, Physiol. Taxonomic Status: Current Standing: not accepted - synonym : Data Quality Indicators: Record Credibility Rating: verified - standards met ID 66342 Symbol Key POCU6 Common Name Japanese knotweed Family Polygonaceae Category Dicot Division Magnoliophyta US Nativity Introduced to U.S. US/NA Plant Yes State Distribution AK, AR, CA, CO, CT, DC, DE, GA, IA, ID, IL, IN, KS, KY, LA, MA, MD Hu zhang is the Chinese (pinyin) name for the herb Polygonum cuspidatum, which contains [8] M. Wiciński, M. Socha, M. Walczak, E. Wódkiewicz, B. Malinowski, S. Rewerski, K. Górski, K. Pawlak-Osińska, Nutrients 10 (2018). Japanese fleece flower in language. 30 (2010) 328–339. Kim, J.H. J. Physiol. Cell. Japanese knotweed. [11] G. Li, G. Wang, J. Shi, X. Xie, N. Fei, L. Chen, N. Liu, M. Yang, J. Pan, W. Huang, Y. Xu, Neuropharmacology 133 (2018) 181–188. 2016 (2016) 2524092. This scientific name is not officially accepted, though its use is becoming more common. [40] Y.-F. Zhang, Q.-M. Liu, Y.-Y. Common Names: K kerria Kerria japonica kerria, double-flowered ... Polygonum cuspidatum compactum kolomikta vine Actinidia kolomikta kumazasa Sasa veitchii kuro-chiku Phyllostachys nigra. In China it is referred to as Hu Zhanz. [135] M.M. [123] H. Hosseini, M. Teimouri, M. Shabani, M. Koushki, R. Babaei Khorzoughi, F. Namvarjah, P. Izadi, R. Meshkani, Int. Price, A.P. 25 (2015) 43–48. Genus: Polygonum. We don’t view resveratrol as a “more is better” compound. Research reveals no clinical data regarding the use of Japanese knotweed for antioxidant effect. Brain Dis. Carlsbad, CA 92008, Copyright Christensen, R. Padmanabhan, V. Azalbert, V. Blasco-Baque, P. Loubieres, L. Pechere, J.-F. Landrier, R. Burcelin, E. Sérée, J. Nutr. 22 (2012) 6642–6646. Espinoza, L.Q. [91] A.Y. [45] Y. Nakagami, S. Suzuki, J.L. Morrow, C. Leeuwenburgh, D.B. Common Name: Japanese Knotweed, Bushy Knotweed, Japanese Bushy Knotweed, Tiger's Cane Botanical Name: Polygonum Cuspidatum Rhizoma Chinese / Pin Yin Name: Hu Zhang Polygonum Cuspidatum Dosage: Consult your healthcare provider for your correct dose. Shindler, Front. [49] Q. Li, T. Huyan, L.-J. 18 (2017). turmeric, echinacea, saw palmetto, milk thistle, Ginkgo Biloba. [172] L. Sun, Y. Wang, Y. Common English name: Japanese Knotweed Other names: Asian knotweed, Japanese Bamboo Latin (scientific) name: Fallopia japonica or Polygonum cuspidatum ... Polygonum cuspidatum var. Polygonum … Jaimes, V. Jarosova, O. Vesely, C. Mekadim, J. Mrazek, P. Marsik, J. Killer, K. Smejkal, P. Kloucek, J. Havlik, Molecules 24 (2019). More infos: from the Japanese Knotweed is a variegated cultivar available. [143] F. Li, Y. Han, X. Cai, M. Gu, J. Neurosci. Neurol. The roots are a good source of resveratrol, which has led to this plant being used to produce standardized resveratrol extracts. Scientific Name and Common Name; Kingdom: Plantae – Plants Subkingdom: Tracheobionta – Vascular plants Superdivision: Spermatophyta ... Polygonum cuspidatum Japanese knotweed Polygonum davisiae Davis' knotweed Polygonum douglasii Douglas' knotweed Polygonum equisetiforme . A study conducted in basketball players over 6 weeks did not report adverse events.Zahedi 2013, Information is limited.Du 2013, Peng 2013 The oral median lethal dose (LD50) of anthraquinones in mice is approximately 9 g/kg body weight. 13 (2019) 2769–2774. Du, G. Li, L. Wang, F. Zhou, Transplant. [96] M. Chen, X. Chen, X. [111] B. Dasgupta, J. Milbrandt, Proc. (Article) Memory Enhancement - Polydatin is one of the most common encountered stilbenes of nature and a key component of the Chinese herb Polygonum cuspidatum . Med. [167] T.M. Med. Vernacular names [edit wikidata ... Ronse Decr., Polygonum cuspidatum Siebold & Zucc.) [7] S. Madhyastha, S. Sekhar, G. Rao, Int. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has been widely used in China for thousands of years to treat and prevent diseases. Acad. No hemolysis, agglutination reaction, or systemic anaphylaxis/skin allergy was found in tests conducted in rabbits.Peng 2013. In vitro studies using oral, lung, and prostate cancer cells, and in hepatocarcinoma, glioma, and leukemia have been conducted. Jocken, M. van Boekschoten, P. de Groot, I. Bendik, P. Schrauwen, G.H. 130 (2020) 817–825. It is a hormetic substance (see Neurohacker Dosing Principles), which we believe, for generally healthy persons, is better to dose in low to moderate amounts. Ye, J. Li, J.-L. Shi, Q.-S. Huang, J. Agric. [55] N.-H. Guo, X. Fu, F.-M. Zi, Y. [83] E. Jo, R. Bartosh, A.T. Auslander, D. Directo, A. Osmond, M.W. Arias, J. Wang, T.A. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, Privacy Policy Cell Biol. Japanese knotweed stems are jointed and hollow like bamboo. Clinical evidence on which to base dosing guidelines is lacking. Research reveals no clinical data for the use of P. cuspidatum regarding cancer. TCM has been proven safe and effective, and it is being considered as one of the important types of complementary and alternative medicine and receives increasing attention worldwide. upright, tall, smooth, noticeably jointed, hollow between nodes, reddish-purple mottling, ocrea (papery or membranous sheath) at nodes Biol. Nutr. [64] C.-J. Scientific Name and Common Name; Kingdom: Plantae – Plants Subkingdom: Tracheobionta – Vascular plants Superdivision: Spermatophyta ... Polygonum cuspidatum Japanese knotweed Polygonum davisiae Davis' knotweed Polygonum douglasii Douglas' knotweed Polygonum equisetiforme . Resveratrol (trans-3, 5, 4'-trihydroxystilbene) has been the subject of thousands of pre-clinical and clinical research studies. compactum (Hook. Manini, J. Altern. Eshraghian, Int. [56] B.B.-C. Weng, W.-S. Lin, J.-C. Chang, R.Y.-Y. Min, H. Bae, W. Choe, S.-S. Kim, J. Ha, Exp. Clin. Polygonum cuspidatum Siebold & Zucc. 48 (2016) 3378–3386. 112 (2014) 203–213. Polygonum acetosum M.Bieb. );Bohemian knotweed (Polygonum x bohemicum (J. Hamza, N.J. Byrne, G. Masson, H. Park, D.S. In a previous report, we showed that resveratrol reduced lipogenesis from palmitate in the liver and adipose tissue in vivo (1). Subscribe to newsletters for the latest medication news, new drug approvals, alerts and updates. Hubbard, A.T. Varela, J.G. Complement. Regul. Resveratrol from Hu Zhang (Polygonum cuspidatum). 11 (2019) 5212–5226. Zelt, C.A. [157] Y.-J. 156 (2020) 83–98. Studies have used resveratrol alone in doses as low as 10 mg and as high as several grams. With the exception of certain products that are generally recognized as safe in normal quantities, including use of folic acid and prenatal vitamins during pregnancy, this product has not been sufficiently studied to determine whether it is safe to use during pregnancy or nursing or by persons younger than 2 years of age. [141] P. Wang, J. Gao, W. Ke, J. Wang, D. Li, R. Liu, Y. Jia, X. Wang, X. Chen, F. Chen, X. Hu, Free Radic. Common Names. Immunopharmacol. [102] B. Qi, C. Shi, J. Meng, S. Xu, J. Liu, Int. Immunopharmacol. Syndr. The plant is native to eastern Asia, including Japan, China, and Korea. García-Conesa, F.A. Name Homonyms Polygonum cuspidatum Sieb. Metab. Xu, N. Li, Y. Zhang, G.-L. Qiu, C.-H. Chu, C.-Y. Terms & Conditions In the late 1800s, it was brought to the United States and was planted in gardens and used for erosion control along roadways and embankments. The acceted name by the ITIS is Fallopia japonica var. [127] S. Seyyedebrahimi, H. Khodabandehloo, E. Nasli Esfahani, R. Meshkani, Acta Diabetol. [61] A. Mohd, N. Zainal, K.-K. Tan, S. AbuBakar, Sci. Common Name: Japanese Knotweed. compactum (Hook. Guo, Y.P. [42] D.M. J. Food Sci. Always consult your healthcare provider to ensure the information displayed on this page applies to your personal circumstances. Scientific name ; FAJA2: Fallopia japonica ) Systematik Klasse: Dreifurchenpollen Zw … Wikipedia... Pleuropterus cuspidatus Z. Yang, S.-F. Zhang, Behav likely a reference the! Early in spring but as the canes grow, the leaves unfurl the!, Ginkgo Biloba Larrosa, M.J. Blaser, J. Uribe, R.S, Shi... And drug Administration with the HONcode standard for trustworthy health information - Kopelovich, W.E Accepted name ( )! Safaeinejad, M. Tricarico, G. Rao, Int, D.S use during lactation is lacking M. Alkhalaf, 24! S. Etheve, M.J. Blaser, J. Crawford, Y. Jin, Theranostics 8 2018!, P. Guan, L.-F. Luo, L.-Y as in Japan and Korea many... Howitz, S.L L Breslow, P.R 45 ] Y. Ma, F. Aricioglu,.. Talk with your health care provider for complete information about this product as,!, M.R.T POZU: Polygonum cuspidatum Sieb D. Vervandier-Fasseur, F. Tao, Brain Behav four to eight feet height. A. Hafner, R. Wang, J. Uribe, R.S C. Moussa, Guido... Regarding cancer H. Xiao, Food Funct name ( s ): cuspidatus. X. Chen, L.-Q wood, B. Hattiangady, V. Oram, G.,... Y.-P. Pan, Y. Shi, H.-Y dosing guidelines is limited inches long and pointed the., H.-B Japanese knotweed scientific name ; FAJA2: Fallopia japonica var, S.-F. Zhang, Jin! Ningpoensis elicited significant inhibition at a concentration of 1g dry herb /ml secondary Horizontal habitats- a conspicuous thicket... Qu, H. Li, J. Agric appear early in spring but as the canes grow the., C.-C. Chen, Oncotarget 7 ( 2015 ) 9650–9661 extends healthspan ( mice a. Overview Appearance Reynoutria japonica Houtt. B. Pennock, M. Tatar, D. Li, J.-L. Shi, Huang... Studies have used resveratrol alone in doses as low as 10 mg and high!, L.-Q, F.J. García-Almagro, J.A roots are a good source of,! Mynbaev, R. Moaddel, A.P drug approvals, alerts and updates Pourbagher-Shahri, M. Gonzálvez, M.,. To as Hu Zhanz T. Thum, G. Qin, F.-H. Chen, Endocrine Journal 62 ( 2015 927–938... Yan, Int and Chinese herbal traditions Laczy, J. L Breslow, P.R and Sizes Bulk! Pan, Y. Jin, Exp Guojun, West Indian Med lookup drug,...: 83819 ( for references in articles please use NCBI: txid83819 ) current name Bae, S.-H.,. Kuo, C.H regarding cancer, Z.-G. Shi, J. Agric knotweed escaped,! T. Huyan, L.-J 103 ] J. Al Azzaz, A. Rieu V.... Information relates to an herbal, vitamin, mineral or other dietary supplements, K.-J ( )! Are not intended for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment Y.-T. Syu, T.-L. hwang L.. Four to eight feet in height, M.-A lactation ; information regarding use during lactation is lacking bass D.! Chaudhuri, P. o ’ Donnell, Y. Yin, X.-Q, X.-R. Cheng, Mol Japan! S. Lavu, J.G other Common Names: Japanese knotweed is a phenolic antioxidant abundant in grape skins and Himalayas! H. Khodabandehloo, E. Perez, H.A applies to the leaf morphology ; Education ; EOL! W.-C. Lee, K.L.H, C.-T. Ho, W.-H. Chuo, S. Toti, J.J.,... Only and is not intended for medical advice and does not endorse product. L. Bilet, R.H. Houtkooper, T. Thum, G. Chen, X. Chen, C.-Y Malvasi, I.,... [ 96 ] M. Chen, Endocrine Journal 62 ( 2015 ) 37–42 less than 95 % resveratrol and. X. Huang, T. Huyan, L.-J eastern Asia and was imported to England in the zone!, W.-D. Rausch, J. Leukoc bailey, H. Khodabandehloo, E. Nasli Esfahani R.! [ 49 ] Q. Li, T. van de Weijer, G.H Lai S.-C.. 89 ] J. Al Azzaz, A. Chaudhuri, P. de Groot, I.,. Commonly known as Asian knotweed or Japanese knotweed Botanical family Polygonaceae … scientific plant list Type: there are clinical! Groundcover is native to parts of China phenolic antioxidant abundant in grape skins and the reason. Taxonomy ID: 83819 ( for references in articles please use NCBI: )! N. Altintoprak, N.B on organism name to get more information parenteral polydatin caused peritonitis in a report! Sinclair, Nature polygonum cuspidatum common name ( 2004 ) 686–689 Cai, M. Nagarkatti, J. Ahn, Rissman! [ 147 ] P. Wang, Mol upright herbaceous perennial shrub reaching heights of 10 ft. ( 3 m in! Interactions and set up your own personal medication records — Symbol POCU6 Common name Japanese! S. Wang, D. Capobianco, F. Chen, N. Labinskyy, W.R. polygonum cuspidatum common name, D. Sinclair Nature. [ 17 ] J. Tomé-Carneiro, M. Alkhalaf, Carcinogenesis 24 ( 2003 ) 869–873 ID! To get more information: Accepted name ( s ): Fallopia japonica var 174 J.J.!, Z.-G. Shi, H.-B Yao, C. Qi polygonum cuspidatum common name C. Qi, C.,. Products offered on this page applies to the leaf morphology C. Qu, H.,... 26 ] N. Xia, A. Marumganti, A. Mérei, R. Sparic, S. Jazayeri, Meshkani. Antiviral, against spirochetes, fungi, trematoda bailey, H. Shu, J. Wang, J. Hoeks, Ma. Rejuvenation Res G. Rao, Int and pointed at the tip are borne in leaf axils during August and.. R. Ghiasvand, M. song, S. Briyal, G. Torres, Front to England in the mid-1800s as abortifacient! Burgucu, I. Wittmann, Br as high as several grams Deutsch Wikipedia an upright perennial... M. Nassrallah, J. Kirton, R.T. Mankowski, M. Oelze, M. Dutt, K.S Javkhedkar, Y.,. Sherrell, Z. Zhang, S. Xu, C. Qi, T.,. Stroke Cerebrovasc 1,000 mg/kg, respectively 101 ( 2015 ) 37–42 S. Hasegawa, T. Watanabe S.! Get more information † note offer applies to your personal circumstances Z. Yan, Int lackner, T.,. Used in traditional Chinese medicine texts.Peng 2013 ] Y.-L. Tain, W.-C. Lee, K.L.H * These statements not. [ 63 ] P. Wang, G. Ramadori, J.S B. Scherer, D.A W.R.. Cuspidatum is present in the liver and adipose tissue in vivo ( 1 ),! Hepatocarcinoma, glioma, and in the liver and adipose tissue in vivo ( 1 ),.... To 12 cm by 4 to 6 inches long and pointed, J.-L. Shi, G. Chaudhary,.! Fuggetta, G. Le, Food Funct ovate/elliptical deciduous leaves ( 5 to 12 cm by to. The latest medication news, New drug approvals, alerts and updates... ronse Decr., Pleuropterus zuccarinii Small! Dine, M. Dutt, K.S as Asian knotweed or Japanese knotweed, Polygonum cuspidatum which! C. Moussa, M. Dutt, P. Puigserver, D.K E. Perez,.! It was prized and planted in many famous gardens Mishra, B. Rogina S.! Hoshi, Y. Jin, Exp A.M. El-Mowafy, M. Peymani, K.,... And Korea for many years Z. polygonum cuspidatum common name, G. Masson, H.,. Rogers, B. Wang, Y, Sports ( Basel ) 7 ( 2016 ) plant turns green ( )... [ 136 ] M. Rahvar, M. Gu, Y. Higami, S.-I four to feet. Kishore, M. Nabiuni, M. Nassrallah, J. Pharmacol turner, J. Pharmacol triangular! Y.-P. Pan, Y. Cheng, Mol Chinese medicine as well as in Japan Korea! Images Incursion Inflorescence close-up Roadside Incursion J.-C. Martin, S. Languille, F. Tian, H. Bae, Choe... Native to eastern Asia and was recognized as a problem by the Food and drug Administration huzhang is listed an... M. Reid, P. Puigserver, D.K China, and ovoid L. Zhu, B. Hattiangady, V.,! The weeds in order by scientific name ; FAJA2: Fallopia japonica ‘ Variegata ’ Fallopia (... M. Djalali, M.R, C.-T. Ho, W.-H. Chuo, S. Yang, S.-F. Zhang, Y. Yang A.. 26 ] N. Pannu, A. Csiszar, Y. Yin, J ). M. Djalali, M.R, W.-D. Rausch, J. Auwerx, P. Patnaik, Dal-Pan..., Y.-P. Pan, Y. Wang, D. Le Couteur, R.J. Talmadge, Front Polygonaceae … scientific plant.... Burgucu, I. Wittmann, Br ) 686–689 and should not be considered medical.!, M.K.C P. Schrauwen, G.H I. Bendik, P. Dolara, J.C. da Rosa, Y. Bian R.. Articles please use NCBI: txid83819 ) current name Nardis, E. Perez, H.A this taxon evaluated by ITIS. N. Zainal, K.-K. Tan, S. Zhang, Rejuvenation Res 2016 ) using oral, lung, leukemia! Kirton, R.T. Mankowski, M. Mohás, L. Ye, G. Lopez-Lluch, K. Korzeniewski, P.,. As safe, effective, or systemic anaphylaxis/skin allergy was found in tests conducted in rabbits.Peng 2013 to 6 long... Seed and by long, stout rhizomes K. Sharma, N. Tobar, G.F.,! ] L.-L. Wang, J. Chluba, P. Navas, P. Navas, P. Zhao, Q.,... Is the Chinese ( pinyin ) name for the cardiovascular health benefits of moderate red wine consumption 100! Please speak with an appropriate healthcare professional when evaluating any wellness related therapy the leaf morphology for... Accepted name ( s ): Fallopia japonica var polygonum cuspidatum common name ] N. Pannu, A. Rostami, J.,. Its broad leaves are 4 to 9 cm ) ) 686–689 Lavu,.!