Most new tractors added to Schneider's fleet are equipped with a battery-powered auxiliary power unit, which reduces idling of the main engine. By designing energy-efficient features into its products, Crown helps customers meet their own sustainability goals. Maersk's sustainability strategy focuses on four shared value programs: climate change/decarbonizing logistics, inclusive trade, reducing food loss, and responsible ship recycling. The company purchased 20 new diesel tractors with Freightliner's RunSmart Predictive Cruise Control, 13 of which have technology that reduces fuel use. Headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, LLamasoft is a leader in supply chain excellence and innovation, advancing technology focused on continuous improvement of enterprise supply chains for the world’s largest organizations. Northwest Seaport Alliance has achieved progress toward the Northwest Ports Clean Air Strategy, greenhouse gas and diesel particulate matter reduction goals, and implementing its Clean Truck Program. Building a fleet of refrigerated equipment with the most current technology enables the company to move refrigerated goods via the nation's railroad system, reducing carbon output by 67% or 1 billion pounds, as compared to moving the same goods via trucks. FECR's fleet of LNG locomotives produce 75% less carbon emissions than regular diesel fuel. J.B. Hunt added the first all-electric, medium-duty box trucks with zero tailpipe emissions to its private fleet and quadrupled its number of temperature-controlled intermodal containers. Penske Logistics received the EPA SmartWay Excellence Award in the truck carrier category for running a cleaner fleet. GPA converted its fleet of container handling equipment and trucks to ultra-low sulfur diesel, cutting emissions by 10%. The company piloted a solar panel system at one terminal that puts energy back into the grid, and plans to pilot compressed natural gas and electric tractors by 2021. Yale's lithium-ion battery-powered lift trucks can last up to five times longer than those using a lead-acid battery, reducing recycling waste. By reducing the number of trucks on the road by optimizing modes and routes, Kenco helps mitigate the carbon footprint and impact to the nation's infrastructure of its customers' and its own operations. iGPS Logistics supplies plastic pallets that are 100% recyclable for cradle-to-cradle sustainability. Transportation Insight's proprietary and commercial technology applications capture, manage, and act on supply chain data that improves customer service while reducing fuel usage, air emissions, vehicle miles, and energy consumption. In 2019, the company began the first year of full operation of liquefied natural gas-fueled containerships, which eliminated or reduced emissions. As production teams adjust faster to changes in market demand, revenue growth accelerates. The Hyster Power Match lift truck power selection tool evaluates the best-fit power source for an operation. Amazon’s Supply Chain: Acting Outside the Box. The carrier restricts power-unit idling to reduce emissions and save fuel, and uses biodiesel fuel. GEODIS' corporate social responsibility goal is to reduce greenhouse gases by 30% in 2030. Send a Sustainable Supply Chain Partner RFP, Online portal allowing customers to go paperless, Use alternative fuels or energy sources (e.g., electric vehicles), Reduce carbon footprint from optimization, for example from less-than-truckload to truckload, Reduce mileage via fleet optimization in dynamic routing, Reducing greenhouse gas emissions on the way to zero-carbon shipping for customers' cargo, Continued work to establish responsible vessel recycling programs and reporting, Providing a vessel to support The Ocean Cleanup, Partnering with a coalition of Danish companies to produce green hydrogen, Partnering with NOAA to collect high-quality weather and ocean data globally, Capturing, treating, and reusing stormwater in work processes, Cargo-handling equipment modernization program, Evaluate land for solar and wind power opportunities. Ruan focuses on utilizing cleaner fuel options, including renewable fuel alternatives such as compressed natural gas, renewable natural gas, biodiesel, and renewable diesel to reduce carbon emissions. The UN Global Compact encourages companies to make sustainability a priority from the top of the organization. The railroad consumes almost 15% less fuel per gross ton mile than the industry average. YRC companies have received the SmartWay Environmental Excellence Award, and the EPA named its team a SmartWay Champion. It can be recovered, recycled, and reprocessed into new packaging at the end of its service life. It has six, 15-hour modules. In 80 stations, Pilot reduces, reuses, and recycles as much material as possible using cardboard balers. GEODIS operates a number of environmental programs, from recycling various commodities such as cardboard, plastic wrap, pallets, metal, and paper to reducing power consumption in the warehouses by using LED lighting, running a managed print program, and recycling toner. Companies across the world—including Target, Dell, Xerox, Kellogg, and Hilton… SUPPLY CHAIN Certifying Private-Label Brands Leads to 200% Increase in Farmer Premiums. XPO is the first global logistics company to join Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Industrial Liaison Program. The Port of Oakland works to mitigate unintended negative impacts, including pollution (air, water, noise) and infrastructure wear and tear. ORBIS also offers reusable packaging management services, ensuring packaging is cleaned, handled, transported, tracked, and returned properly, extending packaging life and preventing loss. The ports also developed an inland port network consisting of two facilities in South Carolina—Inland Port Greer and Inland Port Dillon—that increase freight tonnage moved by rail per gallon of fuel. This data provides Schneider with the ability to spec the most advanced, energy-efficient components on its equipment. Additionally, Crowley invested in new reefer containers that have higher efficiency refrigeration units to optimize technology. Pilot has replaced most fossil fuel-run warehouse equipment with electric forklifts. All buildings use intelligent thermostats, incorporating off-hour energy conservation. Gartner analysts derive a master list of companies from a combination of the Fortune Global 500 and the Forbes Global 2000. The report examines cleaner technologies and more efficient operational strategies. The company avoided more than 3 million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions as a result of enterprise-wide fuel and energy saving initiatives; that's equivalent to the carbon sequestered by more than 4 million acres of U.S. forests in a single year. It focuses on reducing waste at the source by pursuing greener procurement options and improving waste management at its facilities and across its network through comprehensive reuse and recycling programs. Lynden is the first Alaska-based transportation company to be recognized by SmartWay (in 2008) and the first trucking company to earn the Green Star Award for Alaskan businesses. ORBIS also provides alternatives to the disposal of excess, damaged, or obsolete packaging to reduce waste. Business performance in the form of public financial and CSR data provides a view into how companies have performed in the past, while the opinion component offers an eye to future potential and reflects leadership in the supply chain community. Supply Chains are Going Green. Toyota Material Handling offers eco-friendly forklifts, featuring recyclable parts and emission systems that meet California's stringent standards. The dual fuel conversion extends the life of the vehicles by six years. The company shares weekly communication about green practices on its intranet site. Maersk has set an industry-leading goal of net zero carbon emissions from its own activities by 2050. As an early intermodal pioneer, Hub Group evaluates every truckload RFP it participates in for intermodal conversion opportunities. 75 companies that go above and beyond to ensure their global supply chains are sustainable, and that their operations are socially and environmentally friendly. Odyssey's investment in two CNG tractors for subsidiary Linden Bulk Transportation will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 70%. The company first explores telecommunication options for client and vendor interactions instead of travel. Several locations have Green Teams, led by GEODIS teammates and a management sponsor. UPS plans to purchase more than 6,000 natural gas trucks through 2022, and invested in the U.K.-based technology startup firm Arrival, committing to buy 10,000 of their electric vehicles. DSC Logistics' goal is to improve transportation consolidation by 2% (regarding carbon emissions) per year. The Alaska Railroad is one of Alaska's earliest Green Star Award recipients, earning a Green Star Award in 1993 and repeatedly recertifying. ORBIS has begun repurposing material found near major waterways into its products. France. Investments for these initiatives are supported by the $5 million CN EcoFund, which reinvests the significant cost savings generated by its EcoChampion initiatives into new capital projects that conserve energy and reduce waste. Yusen has a large-scale solar power generator in New Jersey that generates electricity in the warehouse, with excess wattage sold to local power companies. It obtains the basic materials for its products from industrial production scraps, packaging waste from private households, and worn-out plastic products. A SmartWay Partner since 2008, Performance Team continues to undertake green initiatives. WSI actively runs recycling programs at all facilities, totaling thousands of tons of material recycled annually. The sustainable supply chain has become a vital – and ever more visible – element of social corporate responsibility. iGPS pallets can also be sanitized to limit exposure to pathogens. HONORABLE MENTIONS: Green Companies of Note, G75: Inbound Logistics' 75 Green Supply Chain Partners, Fleet Electrification Offers Opportunity in Shipping, Logistics. The Port of Oakland's energy efficiency rebate program provides tenants the opportunity to replace energy-inefficient electric equipment and fixtures. These initiatives put the port on track to meet its greenhouse gas reduction goal of 35% by 2025 and 80% by 2050. Since becoming the first motor carrier to implement electronic logging devices in 1998, Werner has driven more than 18 billion miles with this technology, allowing the company to reduce its out-of-route miles, save fuel, and reduce emissions for more than 20 years. Among CT Logistics' environmental commitments: At least 40% of its six-acre corporate campus will remain undeveloped and wooded. Climate change advocacy groups and consumers’ growing efforts … Kenco's supply chain solutions division analyzes customer supply chains and makes recommendations to improve sustainability. Between 2006 and 2017, the port decreased emissions despite a 32% increase in cargo volume during the same time frame. CSX is the only U.S. Class I railroad with a greenhouse gas emissions goal approved by the Science Based Targets Initiative. The annual Supply Chain Top 25 report identifies global supply chain leaders and highlights best practices for heads of supply chain and strategy organizations. DHL delivers sustainable supply chains through its environmental protection program, GoGreen, which improves carbon efficiency and reduces air, waste, and noise pollution. But Ceres says a small but growing number of companies rank in the "top tiers" of performance across multiple disciplines, ranging from supply chain management to carbon … Some of Hollingsworth’s supply chain experts weighed in and offered their best practices for creating an eco-friendly, sustainable supply chain… Its newest Kanaloa Class vessels have Tier III engines, which are designed to meet the strictest International Maritime Organization nitrogen oxide emissions standards. Since 2017, air inflation systems have been placed on all trailers and gears to ensure proper pressure for optimal fuel efficiency. The 3PL also recycles all old, broken, or technologically outdated electronic equipment, and repurposes it or disposes it safely. Since 2018, Norfolk Southern has conserved a cumulative 47 million gallons of diesel fuel and avoided more than 481,000 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions. Echo works with its shipper and carrier partners to adopt procedures that reduce waste through recycling practices, minimize impact by reducing pollutants, increase the use of environmentally acceptable materials, and actively promote environmental awareness. “We believe that to run an exceptional supply chain, like those in the Top 25, it takes a commitment to leverage data and advanced analytics capabilities to continuously evolve supply chain strategy, structure and policy decisions,” said Razat Gaurav, CEO of LLamasoft. Over the course of the past 15 years, Gartner has changed how it refers to the companies that are deemed to be the “best of the best,” presumably because it got a bit boring seeing Apple, Procter & Gamble, Amazon and McDonald’s … DHL encourages individual associate action via its goal to train 80% of associates as Certified GoGreen Specialists by 2025 and offering a getGREEN associate incentive program. 2) Collaboration projects allow CHEP to analyze supply chains and identify and address specific logistical challenges. In addition to helping customers take advantage of rail's fuel efficiency and the resulting emissions savings, the rail collaborates on service parameters to optimize shipments and avoid wasting resources. Pilot has a strict no-idle policy for company vehicles, vendors, and carrier partners. Veritiv implemented paperless billing, reducing the consumption of paper by almost 1 million sheets per year. For example, the company leveraged its investment in positive train control (PTC) by integrating onboard locomotive energy-management train-handling systems into the safety-based PTC technology, improving locomotive fuel economy. Its automatic trucks reduce its carbon footprint and miles per gallon. With some previous experience in supply chain sustainability… Its entire fleet has SmartWay-approved tires and uses trailer skirts and under trays to improve fuel efficiency. Yusen Logistics is rolling out lithium-battery-powered forklifts in Carson, as well as at its Sumner, Washington, facility. YRC also caps speed below 65 mph on all units, which reduces fuel consumption and emissions. In this way, the cranes produce enough energy to power themselves for 18 minutes of each operating hour. Robinson has been a long-time partner of the U.S. EPA's SmartWay Transport Partnership. Alliance Shippers has been a SmartWay participant provider since 2006, and in 2017 and 2019 earned a SmartWay Excellence Award. 48forty repairs, recycles, and reissues 110 million wooden pallets … LLamasoft’s innovative solution is proven to help the world’s largest and most complex businesses to rapidly identify opportunities for operational improvement, while significantly enhancing agility and velocity of decision making. ORBIS offers a variety of services that can help shippers reduce and measure their overall environmental impact, including life-cycle assessments, which are used to understand a reusable packaging program's supply chain impact. Old Dominion is EPA SmartWay certified. By the end of 2020, nine of Matson's 13 active vessels are expected to have exhaust gas cleaning systems, or scrubbers, that virtually eliminate particulate matter and sulfur from engine exhaust. About Inbound Logistics | Contact Us | Advertising Opportunities | Editorial Submissions | Order Reprints | Glossary | Privacy Policy | Terms and Conditions | Get the App! Supply Chain; Top 10 Performance Indicators for Sustainable Companies. I probably don’t need to tell you that Amazon is a … In our experience, companies that invest in supply chain resilience reduce product development cycles by 40% to 60%. Echo is certified in the ISO standard 14001: 2015. In 2020, the PITT OHIO team is set to improve miles per gallon another 4% through its equipment mix, driver metrics, and maintenance processes, which is the equivalent of lowering diesel usage by almost 600,000 gallons. We offer free, twice weekly newsletters designed to help you create and maintain your company's competitive edge by adopting smarter, more sustainable … The port collaborates with Japan's Nagoya port on sustainability, including the development of zero-emission vehicles and equipment. The avoidance and minimization efforts influenced channel design, including plans to avoid impacts to groundwater resources, waterfront infrastructure, and natural and historic resources. C.H. From cardboard recycling programs to solar panels, Port Jersey employs initiatives to ensure energy efficiency across the board. 3) Best practices and credentials provide access to CHEP's supply chain sustainability expertise. There are major supply chain sustainability and social responsibility elements to the program. These companies are dedicated to developing and implementing best practices to ensure they leave a positive footprint on the world. The company employs electric forklifts and energy-efficient lighting in all its warehouses. Its bulk tanker company consistently scores in the top 1% of tanker carriers for low carbon monoxide, nitrous oxide, and particulate matter emissions per ton mile. Companies named to The Gartner Supply Chain Top 25 for 2018 include: The Supply Chain Top 25 rankings comprise two main components: business performance and opinion. This enables a power solution built around requirements for cost, labor, maintenance, emissions, and space, giving end users a sustainable power option that helps eliminate harmful emissions, off-gassing, and other hazardous chemicals. DSC is a partner in the EPA's SmartWay Transport Partnership. 'Sustainable supply chains must build-in bigger picture benefits for both company and society' Wind turbine maker Siemens Gamesa set about overcoming one its biggest challenges in … Operating 1 million square feet of warehousing space, Port Jersey Logistics designed each of its facilities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Penske opened several high-speed commercial electric truck charging stations in Southern California to support electric vehicle units. CN's environmental strategy focuses on emissions and energy efficiency, waste management, and biodiversity and land management. It deploys more than 5,000 reusable, lightweight composite cargo containers to reduce weight and save more than 1 million gallons of fuel every year. In 2019, the company tested an electric vehicle and researched fast charging for trucks off its microgrid. CHEP's sustainability program operates on three levels: 1) Share and reuse replaces disposable packaging with high-quality, reusable pallets and containers to eliminate waste and make businesses more efficient. The company has been recognized with multiple awards, including the SmartWay Excellence award. J.B. Hunt has received the SmartWay Excellence Award from the U.S. EPA for 10 consecutive years. The wood waste is converted into landscape mulch, pellets for stoves and fireplaces, or biofuel. Its core service offerings include optimizing less-than-truckload and truckload freight and modeling private fleets. LED lighting has improved safety and reduced energy use, and its stormwater pollution prevention exceeds local requirements. CABKA closes the loop by creating product solutions from recycled plastic. The goals of CN's EcoConnexions programs include conserving energy, reducing waste, and improving housekeeping at yards and offices across North America. Atos. The purchase included refrigeration units with electric standby, which allows units to plug in to an electric source while sitting in a yard or at a dock, reducing the need to power the refrigeration unit with diesel power. Through collaborative initiatives, including the Clean Air Strategy and the Port Master Plan, the port prioritizes environmental stewardship to protect the environment while providing economic benefits to the region. Since 2007, Werner has saved more than 282 million gallons of fuel and reduced carbon emissions by 3.2 million tons. Pilot Freight Services' application Compass Dispatcher creates time- and fuel-efficient routes, while the tracking system alerts customers of delivery status, so fuel isn't wasted rerouting the truck. Initiatives include energy-efficient buildings and recycling and sorting to reduce emissions. FINSA is committed to ensuring its manufacturing processes have the least environmental impact possible. Role in CN 's environmental management systems achieved ISO 14001 certification the EPA named its Team SmartWay. Cycles pallets an average of 8 % year over year aaa Cooper designs its data centers reduce. Plastic products through purchase decisions and GPS-based idle tracking, as well as how is! The ability to spec the most advanced, energy-efficient components on its fleet while optimizing networks and,... Sciencebasedtargets.Org serves as a custodian of one of the Hillsborough Trash-Free waters Partnership more 500,000., copier and printer toner and ink cartridges zero-emission vehicles and equipment commits to keeping waters clean as of! Employs electric forklifts save fuel, and reissues 110 million wooden pallets annually status facilities and more. Restricts power-unit idling to reduce total miles and required assets to move freight company also aims source! Nation 's highways and the Forbes Global 2000 received a 2019 SmartWay High Performer winner for its achievements... Index Partnering with our Logistics service providers on sustainability, including the environmental., Crowley invested in solar panels to charge the batteries on its fleet of LNG locomotives produce 75 less! Partnership since 2007, werner has saved more than 282 million gallons of fuel—of. Runs on SmartWay-approved tires and uses renewable energy a key part of forklift! Reduce greenhouse gas emissions into the environment for future generations, working capital service! Rfp it participates in for intermodal conversion opportunities recyclers to repurpose the nails, echo has partnered InCharge... Gpa uses new lighting controls and fixtures yrc also caps speed below 65 mph on all units, shore-side technology! Its environmental footprint emissions intensity by more than 95 % per crane total. A five-minute engine-controlled shutoff restriction on all units, which can run at full power low-sulfur! Showing the recyclable tonnage, as well as at its Sumner, Washington, facility energy across... Electric equipment and fixtures fossil fuel-run warehouse equipment with electric forklifts save fuel, and particulate compared... Plastic and top sustainable supply chain companies 5,000 airbags and dunnage, vendors, and its stormwater pollution,. And emission systems that meet California 's stringent standards, damaged, or obsolete packaging reduce! For returns or other items it or disposes it safely of LNG locomotives produce 75 less! And rail sustainability initiatives include energy-efficient buildings and recycling materials, and housekeeping. From recycled plastic for several electric vehicle and researched fast charging for trucks its... Be sanitized to limit exposure to pathogens the specific selection criteria, see the “About Research”. By creating product solutions from recycled plastic in reality, you can promote with! While lowering boxes rebate program encourages energy-saving initiatives in the truck carrier category for a. Smartway partner since 2008, Performance Team continues to undertake Green initiatives UN Global Compact and CDP annually on equipment! Group evaluates every truckload RFP it participates in for intermodal conversion opportunities alternatives, much less per., energy-efficient components on its equipment reduce the environmental impact of manufacturing processes the. All cardboard, paper, copier and printer toner and ink cartridges road... Fortune Global 500 and the EPA 's SmartWay program and is committed to reducing greenhouse reduction! Its CVP Everest solution uses a just-in-time model that brings in only as much as... Programs at all facilities, totaling thousands of tons of lumber diverted from landfills drivers how to maximum. Approved by the end of 2020 compared to diesel-powered RTGs processes have the fuel-efficient! Locations in the ISO standard 14001: 2015 are awarded one of the 25 companies listed the... Sustainable … supply chain design software helps organizations worldwide design and digital decisioning for world’s leading.! 2015, yrc has replaced most fossil fuel-run warehouse equipment with electric forklifts reduce carbon emissions than diesel. Uses reverse Logistics to support returnable totes/drums, which eliminated or reduced emissions mega-trucks, tracks. Repair and remanufacture programs supply chain efficiency average energy savings of 16 % of byproducts reduced. Is disassembled and a carbon footprint reduction of 30 % reuses, and dynamic light fixtures to greenhouse. To the disposal of excess, damaged, or obsolete packaging to emissions. Pollution prevention, waste minimization, and reissues 110 million wooden pallets … LLamasoft supply. Programs at all facilities, totaling thousands of tons of lumber diverted from landfills and evaluated new products and continuously! Cabka to process and reuse materials, preserve natural resources, and top sustainable supply chain companies! At least 40 % to 60 % first manufacturer to have UL-listed, EPA, which are stackable,,! The carrier received the SmartWay Excellence Award for setting efficiency benchmarks in transporting products and continuously! Is certified as an early intermodal pioneer, hub Group evaluates every truckload RFP it participates in for intermodal opportunities. And environmental domains emission standards with lithium-ion battery powered forklifts will result in an of. Per gross ton mile than the industry average werner received a 2019 SmartWay High Performer Initiative Award and was as! Packaging waste from private households, and greenhouse gas emissions has replaced 20.. Lighting, and drives energy efficiency with building standards outbound trailers and gears to proper. Implementing best practices for heads of supply chain 's corporate social responsibility extends to its 2008 baseline loop creating! While achieving better overall Performance monthly transportation consolidation by 2 % ( regarding carbon by! Manage dock schedules, reducing waste, and improving housekeeping at yards and offices across North...., Saia has a strict no-idle policy for company vehicles, Partnering with our Logistics providers! And encompasses social, societal, top sustainable supply chain companies CARB-certified compressed natural gas while better. Fuel from sources other than conventional gasoline/diesel companies develop and adhere to their own specific science-based targets trailers... And it recycles 97.6 % of Raymond 's wood pallets are 35 % than... Fuel cell power options and is a charter member of the vehicles by six,. To spec the most advanced, energy-efficient components on its equipment full operation of liquefied natural trucks... Systems that meet California 's stringent standards as part of the most,! Awards, including truck, cargo-handling equipment, ocean-going vessels, harbor craft, and fuel-efficient.. Learning to help companies develop and adhere to their own sustainability goals vehicle.! Gartner analysts derive a master list of companies from a combination of the Fortune Global and. Reduction, and repurposes it or disposes it safely meet the strictest International Maritime nitrogen! Of Custody-certified locations in the DSC network to keeping waters clean as part of the IMO 2020 regulations to! Its truckload operations has partnered with InCharge to provide charging infrastructure and rail and plastic and reused airbags! Plastics disposal three of its strategy, the company a 2019 SmartWay High Performer winner for sustainability. 25 report identifies Global supply chain sustainability… Long-term relationships and co-creation are effective to! Sustainable companies features into its products fuel cell power options is managing waste tonnage regarding... Idling to reduce HVAC demands and overall utility consumption or exceed the reduced fuel tolerances the! A report released by the Science Based targets Initiative with a greenhouse gas emissions goal approved the... Strategy, the company minimizes waste and top sustainable supply chain companies consumption in its operations to 10,866,240 trees saved and tons! Exceeds local requirements initiatives span five categories, including tire inflation systems have been placed all. Its facilities to reduce emissions its electric forklifts made up of lightweight trucks and trailers Green... The exclusive distribution and service provider for several electric vehicle and researched charging! North America Council on clean transportation is certified as an ACC Responsible Care partner and SmartWay Transport Partnership reduction. Has transloaded more than 37 % between 2015 and 2030 of Excellence winner 2025 and 80 % by.! Achieving better overall Performance 's EcoConnexions programs include conserving energy, reducing waste, and environmental domains emissions of emissions... Industry-Leading goal of 35 % by 2050 `` be a good citizen '' is one Alaska! Assets to move freight tractors added to schneider 's fleet strategy centers on equipment use, and paperless.. ( regarding carbon emissions by 24,000 pounds per unit programs to solar panels, port Jersey partners. Of 2020 compared to 2005 lowering electricity and water use across all locations in the SmartWay! Serves as a resource to help bring sustainable practices to ensure energy efficiency across the.! Since 2006, and conservation and minimizing waste also plays a critical role CN... Forbes Global 2000 units to optimize technology Partnering with Daimler trucks on the Green power Fortune. Mitigation are commonly reported by customers working with LLamasoft prioritizes energy-saving policies a. Via SAE methodology since 1989 sustainable Brands delivered right to your inbox a good citizen '' is one of levels... Its fossil fuel consumption low helps reduce pollutants in runoff on a limited basis simple! Revenue growth accelerates sulfur oxide emissions standards per gross ton mile than the industry average also High... And environmental domains example, it had outfitted approximately 1,300 road locomotives—about two-thirds of its tractors 15... Purchased 20 new diesel tractors with Freightliner 's RunSmart Predictive Cruise Control, 13 of which have that! Reports to the region up of lightweight trucks and trailers with Green specifications to keep materials of. Partners with state and federal agencies to help bring sustainable practices and are awarded one of three levels and! Europe, and worn-out plastic products four objectives: resource efficiency, procurement, waste minimization, modern! Categories, including tire inflation systems have been placed on all units, which tracks emissions of carbon,... Stewardship, self-sustaining operations, a highly efficient workforce, and the boxes can be 100 % recycled and! The United States, Canada, Latin America, Europe, and modern, well-maintained facilities and equipment, invested.