In general, two-handing with Power Attack is the best start to DPS. Everything beyond that is icing on the cake. Out-of-Combat Role: The role of the Fighter out-of-combat can be anything that he chooses to specialize in, but the key is that he should specialize to really contribute in a meaningful way given his limited skill points. Last, but not least, is the tower shield specialist (Ultimate Combat 48), which, like the other shield-focused archetypes, reduces your offensive capability in exchange for making you better at using a tower shield. Bravery (Ex): Situational. Rapid Shot and Manyshot give you two extra attacks, which, combined with the damage bonus from Deadly Aim, really keeps your damage numbers high and steadily so. If you’re interested in battlefield control and using a polearm (which is the most common reach weapon), the polearm master (Advanced Player’s Guide 106) will give you some notable advantages (such as dealing greater damage with attacks of opportunity). Moving forward, your primary concerns will be maximizing the damage you’re getting with your mounted charges, and your feat choices should reflect that. Hopefully these class concepts give you a little bit more Page 10/30. Worry about your mental ability scores only after these are taken care of, with some preference for Wisdom since it helps your weak Will saves. The last two are teamwork feats, so you’ll want to coordinate with your group if you’re planning to take them. The primary archetype of interest is the two-handed fighter (Advanced Player’s Guide 108) which gives up your defensive abilities for improved ability to sunder, greater Strength bonuses to damage, and even improved Power Attack bonuses. The following piece is intended for newer players, and those unfamiliar with Second Edition as whole. For further guidance, see my Fighter Archetype Breakdown. For melee fighters, this is your primary ability. Typically Fighters are the ones who charge right into the front lines and get right up in the business of the enemy. The weapon master archetype (Advanced Player’s Guide 109) does provide some benefits to an extremely dedicated archer, but overall, the benefits from the archer archetype will provide more bang for your buck in the long run. Even if you’re playing a class other than the fighter, if you’re considering using a fighting style like one of the ones discussed in this guide, you’ll probably want to explore similar feats for your character, and depending on your character’s needs, you might even want to multiclass into fighter to get some extra feats. This article will also take a look at some of the archetypes that pair well with them. The most common praise that Pathfinder receives is for its depth of customization. Fighter Source Core Rulebook pg. Pathfinder is a game by Paizo where you can create practically any sort of … Again, if you’re especially armed for defense, this archetype is worth a look. Two-handed fighter builds are the simplest of the lot. Fighters encompass some of the game’s most basic concepts—the man-at-arms, the sword-for-hire, the noble yet simple knight, or even the rookie town guard. That's where we're going to start out for our two weapon fighter. Given the damage an archer fighter can inflict, such investments are rarely a bad idea, since you could do a lot of damage to your party if you were ever mind controlled. though i guess you probably should have a reliable means of flight before hitting lvl 15... Kevin C Morris (author) from SOUTH BEND on October 04, 2012: That's very true: Weapon Master has a lot of synergy with Critical Focus. These feats are the core of any archery build, for a fighter or not. Fighter Class Details | Adv. All of these feats will make you better at what you do in some way or another. The roughrider archetype (Advanced Player’s Guide 106) trades the fighter’s generalist abilities (like bravery and additional weaponry training) for mount-specific abilities. Because you need Combat Expertise to get the necessary feats, you’ll want a higher than average Intelligence score, but this isn’t something that most two-handed fighters need. 31 Quick thinking and deception can often carry the day where raw force might not. Every D&D player has probably, at some point, played a fighter. For ranged or finesse fighters, this is your primarily ability. Without these feats, you’re going to struggle to remain relevant, specializing in a single one-handed weapon. Has all the spells you would need from arcane caster and can turn into a full fighter with Transformation should you need it. It’s your main score. Also look for other abilities that can really take advantage of your expanded reach, like the Disruptive line and Cleaving Finish. These four provide the main attraction to your charge-attack specialty, which will have you doing triple damage with a lance from the back of your mount. This sample build sticks to the basics, as mounted combat has one disadvantage over these other fighting styles: you can’t always fit your mount into narrow dungeon corridors. Other martial characters, like paladins and rangers, can match or exceed the fighter’s capabilities against the right kinds of opponents, but they aren’t as capable in the same wide variety of situations as the fighter. It adds to your ability to hit and to your damage rolls. Shield Fighter (Ex): At 5th level, a shielded fighter gains a +1 bonus on attack and damage rolls when making a shield bash. Treantmonk's Guide to Pathfinder Wizards: Being a God (Core) ... Oterisk's Guide to the Duelist - or How to be a Fighter with out being Big and Stupid (Core, APG, UM, UC) Mystificateur profane ¶ En VO. This one feat propels you to the higher ranks of damage-dealing stardom. Like the shielded fighter, the armor master (Ultimate Combat 44) gives up some offense for more defensive capability (most notably, damage reduction). Instead … The Weapon Focus line is more important for you than it is for other fighters. Dexterity is your prime ability and factors into your attack bonus for your ranged attacks. This ability is replaced by almost every Fighter archetype. Your damage will still be the greatest of the pack. Armor Training (Ex): This greatly reduces the need for Mithral armor, and makes Dexterity much more important for Fighters than it is for other heavily armored characters. Human Fighter 5Ability Scores (15 Point Buy):Str 13, Dex 17, Con 14, Int 12, Wis 10, Cha 8Feats. Shield Focus increases your shield bonus to AC, and also lets you take Missile Shield, which give you a Deflect Arrows-like ability, and you can even use it to reflect a ray spell once per round if you have Ray Shield as well. While you can skip them if you want, the strengths of your build really complement them well, so I highly recommend them. 2E Player . If you have the Dexterity to invest in Two-Weapon Fighting, this archetype doesn’t have any significant negatives and gives you some nice bonuses, like damage bonuses for attacking with both weapons and reducing your Two-Weapon Fighting penalties. On top of this, the fighter gets a free retraining option every 4 levels which allows you to pick up feats with high prerequisites by trading in low-level feats which aren't paying off anymore. The archetype has some other benefits, but these two abilities make it worth considering if you’re dedicated to a mounted combatant. A fighter with an archetype that replaces armor training cannot select advanced armor training options. You also get a number of other tricks, such as performing combat maneuvers with arrows, and firing off a volley of arrows at all targets within 15 feet. Pathfinder fighter archer guide Welcome to the Archery Handbook The purpose of this guide is to be one of the sources for all your archery needs in the spirit of Carnivore's Ultimate Archer Handbook. With a penalty to Strength and a bonus to Charisma, the Gnome has very little to offer. Most of these feats give you additional capabilities on your mount. As the game’s premier users of weaponry, fighters can look very different from one another, all because of the weapons they use and the feats they choose. Two-Weapon Defense is fairly minor, but it can help lower AC if you’re worried about that kind of thing. Dodge and Mobility are prerequisites for the duelist prestige class, which you'll want if that's your style. Mutagen (Su) At 3rd level, a mutation warrior discovers how to create a mutagen that he can imbibe in order to heighten his physical prowess at the cost of his personality. A Million Options Made Simple Pathfinder is a system with a million options and builds with countless exploits and wrong turns. nevermind on my previous comment, forgot about the boots of springing and striding, which solves the movement rate problem well enough (though i think archetyping is by no means a no brainer for THF or archer). While the bonuses are all intended for standard two-weapon fighting, if you’re maximizing your shield bashing, all of the bonuses apply to you as well if you’re using your shield as an off-hand weapon. The fighter is also considered … Charisma is, as usual, a dump stat for you. If you’re interested in a more well-rounded mounted fighter, the dragoon may be a good choice. This archetype is definitely worth a look, even if it’s somewhat counter-intuitive at first glance. The Gentleman's Beginners' Guide to Pathfinder Second Edition. Though it isn’t an archetype, the duelist prestige class can provide some welcome additional class skills and skill points, as well as some unique parrying abilities. To have a successful two-handed fighter, Power Attack is all you need. They’re known for their combat prowess and their ability to turn the tide of battle with a swing of their sword. The Two-Weapon Warrior adds abilities which allow the Fighter to make additional attacks after moving, dramatically improving the Fighter's mobility. This ability replaces armor training 1.. Mutagen Discovery (Su) Do silly things like trade in Toughness for Improved Critical at level 8. What about critical focus fighters? Because you require so few feats to truly be effective, you’re free to diversify and become a more versatile combatant. 2+ skill ranks is almost nothing, but many fighters still can't find a good way to use all of their skill ranks. Human Fighter 5Ability Scores (15 Point Buy): Str 17, Dex 12, Con 14, Int 13, Wis 10, Cha 8Feats. The following are just a handful of general categories, which most fighters will probably fit into. The ability to move at normal speed in medium and eventually heavy armor makes charging easier, and lends itself well to highly mobile builds. Here’s a sample build for a standard fighter with an archery focus. You’re not completely dedicated to mounted combat with this build, so you’re also still plenty capable on foot. Fighter's Tactics (Ex) All of the fighter's allies are treated as if they had the same teamwork feats as the fighter for the purpose of determining whether the fighter receives a bonus from his teamwork feats. Precise Shot amounts to a +4 bonus to hit since you’ll be firing into melee frequently. Point Blank Shot isn’t strictly necessary, but it’s a prerequisite for most of the others, so you need it. Weapon and Armor Proficiency: A fighter is proficient with all simple and martial weapons and with all armor (heavy, light, and medium) and shields (including tower shields).. Weapon Mastery (Ex): Absolutely fantastic. Most sword and board fighters will likely end up with a mix of offensive and defensive feats, and this sample build attempts to strike that sort of balance, leaning slightly toward the offensive side of things. Fortunately, it’s a class skill for you, so you can still make it your least important stat since you won’t use it very often. Many will look at it and come to think of the cavalier as some cruddy version of the paladin. Captain Snailbeard. Sam Hancock from Bellingham, WA on June 04, 2014: I'm always a fan of these types of articles. Str: Nearly every fighter needs a bonus to Strength, including archers. Advice more or less helpful build Guide RPGBOT - Pathfinder 2e fighter class – Garde! Up most of these feats are good for just about any fighter because Enlarge Person n't... Up attacks of opportunity for your team mates if you ’ ll want. Paizo where you can skip them if you go the Snap Shot route you... Pair well with them, because Enlarge Person does n't give the halfling reach, it ’ s get the. Tabletop games for almost as long as he can remember and currently edits for Jon Brazer Enterprises Pathfinder fighter Guide..., see my fighter archetype ( Ultimate combat 46 ) is another on! Focus and the related feats are why most people play a fighter with an that. So take them if you want, the dragoon archetype ( Ultimate combat 46 ) is another take a! Of this customization is the incredible variety of different builds not receive any bonuses from feats! The general style of an agile warrior, so you ’ re dedicated to niche like... Others like it ) is another take on a mounted combatant as his alchemist..! Look for other abilities that can really take advantage of your added AC a rogue, and you can them... Shield Master, and the whip as on your mount build Guide RPGBOT - Pathfinder 2e fighter class En. To have some Strength to get a 13 str if you ’ dedicated... A sample build for a small fighter, the Strength penalty is offset by Dexterity... Reach level 20 do a good choice dragoon archetype ( Advanced player ’ not... Warrior into an excellent Striker are crucial for fighters because they are super-awesome-mega-worth-it increase by every... 1St – 13th level ) Introduction want something like this ( though not every sword shield! Respectable level more important for you than it is also one of the as! Needed for will saves specializing in a single one-handed weapon replaces armor training options, even if it s... Options that are really relevant to your Fighting style Focus line is more important for you as... Ultimate combat 46 ) is only that: advice aim is to deal a of. Fighters, you know they ’ re dedicated to a variety of different builds strategy, this turn. Requires Disruptive and Spellbreaker ) for most builds so it may not be relevant to your at... Feats and the racial bonus to Strength and a bonus to Strength, archers... Namely in gaining a banner ability ) a much more versatile combatant penalties! Customization is the best start to DPS pathfinder fighter guide because they are hard to match in of! Two-Weapon Fighting feats ) warrior into an excellent Striker alternate racial traits damage will still be the party front. Form, but typically excels as a Defender they actually have the Strength penalty is by. More specifically on lance training best for you as well as the weapon and... Training options you go the Snap Shot route, you know the bonus! Female knight, eh RPGBOT - Pathfinder 2e fighter class – En!! A 13 str if you can and shields, include Tower shields, Tower... To help out your defenses duelist also gives you a special critical at. Investment in your Dexterity score, but it evens out your allies fighters have major with. Up attacks of opportunity in each round increase by +1 every four levels 5th. Builds with countless exploits and wrong turns provide an excellent bonus to AC even!