Streamline processes with our pre-made templates to eliminate data entry and document automation. But, you can change the font and font size easily based on your design needs. Sheets August 10, 2017 Kate Client Detail Form, client information sheet, Customer Details Form. Browse this collection of contact form templates and find the example you need for your website. This full-width form template helps you to create a contact page easily or you can use the contact form alone in your existing template. The code script is kept simple and neat for you to easily use in your project or existing website. Live demo. Your email address will not be published. Here’s another HTML5 full-width contact form . As most users prefer customer services through social media, this options may come in handy. The big square contact form helps you to add big form fields, the bold fonts makes sure that the user sees the texts clearly. If you have your own fonts, you can easily use in this contact form. In the early nineties, the internet is not as fast as we are using now. Smooth text field animation effects are used to indicate on which field the user is adding the information. If you want to offer your visitors a spectacular experience on the contact page, make sure you use this form. Fonts used in this template are bold and legible to read both in the desktops and in mobile devices. In most of the landing page templates registration is provided as a call to action button at any one of the top corners in order to save the space. Other fields are a usual name, email, and message as you get in many forms. In the inquiry form, you get extra fields for selecting departments and budget. With this template, you get a neat contact form and a bright gradient background. As the name implies, this contact form uses a working captcha code concept. You also have the option to add social media profile links to just below the call to action buttons. However, simply removing the